Tuesday, January 26, 2010

How to write a flexible work proposal

How to write a flexible work proposal

Step 1
Ask your employer if policies exist around flexible work arrangements in your workplace. If so, confirm what process will need to be followed to request a flexible work arrangement.

Step 2
Let your manager know that you would like to explore flexible work arrangements that may be available to you, and explain that you will submitting a proposal that outlines your ideas.

Step 3
Review your core job tasks and responsibilities. Consider how your job could be redesigned to accommodate a flexible work arrangement. Propose at least two alternate flexible work arrangements you think would be feasible. Identify and outline the benefits of the flexible work solutions you are proposing and how you will address any potential downsides. If appropriate at this stage, ask your manager for input and ideas. Keeping your manager in the loop makes it an inclusive process. Remember, negotiating flexibility means that both parties will need to compromise.

Step 4
Once you have considered all your options, formalise your plan in writing and submit it to your manager. See negotiating with employers tips.

Step 5
Arrange a meeting with your manager to discuss your Flexible Work Proposal and negotiate what will be feasible. Consider agreeing to a trial arrangement and evaluate how it will work for you and your employer.

Types of questions you need to ask and address in your proposal
• Days/Hours you would like to work and the location
• Detail how you envisage the flexible work arrangement working
• How your current job tasks and responsibilities will be impacted
• The benefits that will be achieved by working flexibility
• How the downsides can be minimised
• What support and technology will be required to make it work

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