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Mum in Profile: Shelley Craft

Shelley Craft is one of Australia's best known TV presenters, made famous in her role as host on Saturday Disney and The Great Outdoors before changing to Channel Nine to front up Australia's Funniest Home Videos, Domestic Blitz and The Block. She and her husband, cameraman Christian "Serge" Sergiacomi, live in Byron Bay with their two little girls, Milla and Eadie and new puppy, Aldo.
C4K: What's a typical day for you and your family when you're filming?
This season of The Block I tried to make sure I didn't spend too many nights away. There really is no such thing as a typical day, but it goes a little something like this. 0430 wake up, do my hair and make up; 0515 leave house, drive to airport; 0630 flight to Melbourne; 0900 arrive on location, shoot till 2100, check in for flight 2200 – land 2400 drive home. Sleep…

Meanwhile back at the ranch, 0700 girls wake, brekkie, Christian gets them ready for daycare, 0900 drop off, collect at 1700, playtime with Aldo (the puppy) 1800 dinner, 1900 bath, 1930 – 2000 bed.
C4K: You and Christian are quite the team, but do you have other child care help when necessary and how does this work for you?
The girls both love daycare. This year Eadie is going 3 days a week and Milla is in for 5 at this stage. When I know what my next block schedule is, I will be able to reassess.

I love to have a day with each of the girls on their own as I feel it is important to maintain one on one time and we all know that is pretty tough in a full household. I have a fabulous babysitter in both Sydney and Melbourne if I need to take the girls with me and a wonderful team of sisters here in Byron to give Serge a hand if he needs too. Just like any family, we all juggle.
C4K: You also have your own business – The Builder App – how do you ever find time to work on this as well!?
For the first year of Eadie's life she lived at my feet under the office desk. I guess having your own business creates that ‘freedom'. I'm not sure how many work places would permit that.
C4K: You must love the down periods when you get a bit of time off to relax and enjoy life in Byron - what do you and your family love to do when you're not filming?
It may seem like I am crazy busy, but I do enjoy a lot of downtime between filming and series. We love the beach and just hanging at home really – you won't get me on a plane that is for sure!
C4K: You've introduced a puppy in to the mix! Must have been an interesting Christmas! Has all hell broken loose?
The girls love having a "furkid" in the house. We sadly lost our two old dogs within a year of each other, so the girls haven't really experienced a house without a dog. Suffice to say, Aldo slipped straight into the family and besides a few too many puddles on the new carpet, he has been a dream. Eadie can't get enough of him. She hand feeds him and cuddles him all day long.
C4K: You're suckers for punishment and are doing your own big building project! How's that working with two small children and a dog?
This is something I try not to tackle with the kids or dog. I am a very good remote project manager and I am sure the tradies prefer that too. I'll drop in in the morning and at knock off, that's about it.
C4K: Christian is obviously a very hands-on Dad, is there anything he's not so good at?!
No, I can honestly say, Christian (Serge) is a wonderdad! He will go for a surf at 0445 to make sure he's back to help with the morning rush even when I'm not working and he is always available for the girls. He is a great cook and a wonderful husband too. I am one lucky, lucky girl
C4K: What would you say are your strengths and weaknesses as a mum?
Strengths: I'm relaxed, fairly free range and I love watching kids movies... They are also my 3 weaknesses.
C4K: What 3 things could you not do without as a working mum?

  1. Flat shoes (I never thought I'd say that)
  2. Non-judgmental family
  3. Supportive work environment

The Block: Fans vs Favourites airs on Channel Nine weeknights at 7.30pm EDST.

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