Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Is it time to review your parental leave policies and entitlements?

Now has never been a better time to review your organisation's policies and procedures to ensure your parental leave and flexible work entitlements remain competitive as the Government's paid parental scheme begins.

Employers will need to examine their parental leave processes, employment contracts and administration procedures to ensure there is a smooth transition for the employee and the correct entitlements are paid. Read more.

What should your organisation be reviewing and considering?

- Do you have an up to date parental leave policy that explains the new Government paid parental leave entitlements and how it works with your organisation's existing entitlments?
- Do you provide employees exiting and returning from parental leave with a 'pack' of information and checklist which supports them during the transition phases?
- Do you have a flexible work policy and application process which allows employees and manager to plan, negotiate and implement flexible work arrangements?
- Do you offer returning parents with training or coaching services to make the transition phase smoother?
- Do you share and promote your employees return to work and flexible work success stories in your business?

Find out more about what you can be doing to update your parental leave offerings at www.mumsatwork.com.au and ask us about our:
Working Parents Toolkit
Flexible Work Proposal Toolkit

Monday, November 1, 2010

Europe leads the way in Paid Parental Leave yet again

Mothers in Europe have reason to cheer, according to Human Capital Magazine [20-week stop work order for mothers]. The European Union is looking to extend maternity leave from the current minimum of 14 weeks to 20 weeks on full pay.

But not every country in the EU is supportive of the increase - UK conservative MEP Marina Yannakoudakis called it “well-intentioned but completely out-of-step with reality and warned that it would “lead to further indirect discrimination against women in the workplace”.

The director general of BusinessEurope, Philippe de Buck, agreed, saying the proposal threatened to “increase the complexity of hiring women”.

One proponent of the measure, Danish MEP Britta Thomsen, however, said the measure would encourage women to have more children – at a time of when an ageing population and low birth rates plague Europe.

Employers - do you know what your employees are entitled to from the 1st Jan 2011?

Parents - make sure you're aware of your entitlments to paid parental leave - see mums@work Parental Leave FAQs and answers.

Contact mums@work free 'Return to Work' Advisory Service for more information on 02 9967 8377 or email info@mumsatwork.com.au