Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Communications Minister says send staff home to work!

Businesses must change their attitudes about people working from home and use the internet to connect employees through "telework", the Minister for Broadband and Communications Stephen Conroy has announced.
The federal minister said Australia is lagging behind other developed countries in harnessing the internet for business and needs to catch up. Australian statistics are indeed at odds compared to other nations, with the ABS recording that 6% of employees from Australia have a degree of telework arrangements with their employer.
Read how this compares with other countries...

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Workplace skill shortages - is your organisation being caught short?

The latest L.E.A.D. Survey pinpoints the extent of the skills shortage problem – around two-thirds of organisational leaders, managers and employees can identify skills shortages in their own workplaces. That's two in every three workplaces operating with a workforce that does not have the right mix of skills to function effectively!
Disturbingly, beyond the expected shortage in technical skills related to specific industries and sectors, two of the top six areas of skills shortage relate to leadership and management – two areas that are often under-resourced in terms of ongoing learning and development…and two areas that are often considered of secondary importance in the hunt for skilled personnel. Read more...