Thursday, January 27, 2011

Support for Paid Parental Leave set to continue

This week the HR Daily reported that the introduction of the Federal Government's Paid Parental Leave scheme which commences this month is prompting more organisations to look at introducing paid parental leave for employees in addition to the government entitlements, according to a new survey from Mercer.

Under the government scheme, primary carers for newborn or adopted children will be eligible for up to 18 weeks of paid leave at the national minimum wage of $570 a week, funded by the Federal Government.

Mercer's Paid Parental Leave Survey of 284 organisations found that 72% of organisations surveyed already offer a paid parental leave entitlement for the primary carer, with the median entitlement being 12 weeks at full pay.

Mercer's survey also found that some industries are using more generous schemes to create a total reward package that employees can value. The industry with the highest number of weeks of paid parental leave is education and research, offering 23 weeks at the median. This is nine weeks more than the next highest industries which include energy and utilities, healthcare and federal, state and local government. Read more.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

What parents need to know about paid parental leave

Here's a simple information pack containing everything your employee needs to know about the introduction of paid parental leave is a guide published by Use it to communicate to employees about their paid parental leave entitlements. What parents need to know.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Paid Parental Leave – what will you do?

Haven’t decided how to respond to the government’s new paid parental leave scheme and how to communicate the entitlements and changes to staff? Here is a 5 point plan to develop your parental leave policy response:

1. Make yourself familiar with the new paid parental leave scheme

2. Review your parental leave policy and update it as appropriate – soon. The new governmental policy applied as of the 1st January 2011. Mums@work can review and write your policy for you – contact us on 02 9967 8377 or email

3. Consider how your organisation’s current parental leave scheme will compliment the new government scheme and what additional benefits you can offer and promote to employees as part of your attraction and retention initiatives. See ideas on creating a working parents program or contact us for more info.

4. Develop a list of common questions and answers that you think employees and manager ought to know.

5. Make contact with all your employees to provide details of what parents will be entitled to, how to apply for parental leave and what the return to work process involves.