Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Going on Parental Leave? 6 Tips To Make It a Success for You—and Your Boss

Parental leave is one of the hottest topics of late among certain cutting-edge employers racing to offer more and more weeks of fully paid leave. But time and pay aren’t the only factors at play when it comes to a successful maternity leave.

Here are six key issues employees and their employers should consider when creating a successful parental paid leave policy.

Hire a freelancer to fill in while you’re away. With replacement help (if you and/or your company can swing it), your colleagues will be less likely (even subconsciously) to resent your leave and more likely to celebrate your expanding family. Too often, a new parent’s job responsibilities are divvied up among colleagues, resulting in multiple points of contact for your turnover and return. This can make the transition period disjointed.