Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Going on Parental Leave? 6 Tips To Make It a Success for You—and Your Boss

Parental leave is one of the hottest topics of late among certain cutting-edge employers racing to offer more and more weeks of fully paid leave. But time and pay aren’t the only factors at play when it comes to a successful maternity leave.

Here are six key issues employees and their employers should consider when creating a successful parental paid leave policy.

Hire a freelancer to fill in while you’re away. With replacement help (if you and/or your company can swing it), your colleagues will be less likely (even subconsciously) to resent your leave and more likely to celebrate your expanding family. Too often, a new parent’s job responsibilities are divvied up among colleagues, resulting in multiple points of contact for your turnover and return. This can make the transition period disjointed.

Spend at least two weeks (if possible) with your freelancer shadowing you, pre- and post-leave. The more you make the fill-in a part of the team, the better. Upon your return, this overlap period can be a great opportunity for you to work part-time and transition back slowly. (This is especially helpful if you’re sleep deprived!)

Be prepared—well ahead of time. A month before your due date, prepare a detailed-yet-concise turnover report with all contacts, deadlines and other important info. Likewise, your fill-in should prepare a turnover report for your return.

Have your fill-in ping you every month or so to keep you posted on company updates and big wins. This will help you to feel more connected to your team while avoiding the nitty-gritty details and stress of smaller challenges. (That’s what the fill-in is there for!)

When you return to work, welcome the “newness” of your job. Rather than imagining the fill-in is a threat to your job security, opt to learn from her/him instead. Did the fill-in implement a new process your team now loves? Be open to it and all changes this period will bring, in both your professional and family life.

Finally, give yourself a vote of confidence. You’ve joined an amazing sisterhood of working mums—and we’re glad to have you on board!

By: Michelle Meyer
Source: Working Mother

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